The volume of debt United Legal Group handles on an ongoing basis enables us to staff our offices with the most progressive and successful debt collection specialists available anywhere. Our results are the true testimony of our debt collection successes. We have access to widespread & up-to-date resources, advanced technology and use proven effective methods to collect what you are owed. These tools are essential when it comes to collecting your debt quickly and effectively.

Why Us?

Here at ULG we are driven to help our clients recover their hard earned monies. Furthermore, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards when it comes to recovering your accounts. We can help tip the scales in your favor!

Our Services

Extending credit to other businesses can be risky. Often, as a B2B business, accounts receivable efforts depend on the cash flow of your clients.

ULG has extensive expertise with a long history of success as a consumer collections agency, inclusive of all industries, and we pride ourselves in our reputation of providing excellent customer service.

Hospital, Clinic, Ambulatory, and Urgent Care Services.

United Legal Group has experts and Attorneys who can pursue your legal collections to the full extent of the law.

Debt Recovery Benefits

Customers normally pay faster once a debt recovery agency is involved. We help with: