United Legal Group has experts and Attorneys who can pursue your legal collections to the full extent of the law. Once our company has reviewed and approved your case you will receive a Creditors Declaration or Substitution of Attorney form to start the process. If you want to turn you legal collections over to legal collection professionals then the full service option is right for you.

We have extensive experience with both commercial and retail collections. Whether you are a law firm or attorney, a corporation with a full collection portfolio, or an individual with a single legal collection account, we have the resources and knowledge to help.

Extending credit to other businesses can be risky. Often, as a B2B business, accounts receivable efforts depend on the cash flow of your clients.

Since its inception, ULG had been assisting closely held companies with commercial collection to improve their profitability while maintaining their important business relationships.

Our Tier I Receivables Solutions (collection efforts via telephone and letter) helps B2B businesses to collect more of their money. Our low cost structure allows you to keep more of your profits then you would by working with traditional collection agencies.

ULG works diplomatically with your customers to ensure that your invoice is our top priority. Reach out to us today and let us help you increase your profits.

What are the Collection Alternatives for your business?

Option 1

Continued in house effort
Increasing cost, lessened results, frutration and lost time.

Option 2

Legal Action:
Expensive to hire private attorneys (retainer/hourly rate); lengthy process.

Option 3

Charge Off:
Declaring a total loss by simply giving up hope of recovery; allows debtor(s) to get away unscathed.

Option 4

Hire ULG! You'll only pay when we collect.