Hospital, Clinic, Ambulatory, and Urgent Care Services
ULG offers start to finish third-party medical billing/collections. Our services include:

  • Initial billing of claims via electronic or paper
  • Clean claims submission, all bills are reviewed prior to submission to verify that all information is accurate, and payable
  • A/R follow-up – the process does not stop after the initial billing, we will follow up to make sure that the bill is paid, paid correctly, and paid in a timely manner
  • Certified coders & billers on staff to handle any coding or billing issues.
  • We are trained, certified & well-versed in HIPPA laws
Our protocol allows our medically trained representatives to accurately and discreetly communicate the details of each account through:

Dunning Notices:

Notices are generated for all accounts that are entered into our system. The frequency and notice type are determined by the specific strategy developed to maximize results for each individual client. The notices can be customized to accommodate your facilities unique situation.

Telephone Contact:

Telephone calling is initiated immediately upon us receiving the file into our database. A tactful and professional approach is applied at in all stages of the recovery process. Only a phone conversation with the debtor is considered as contact. We identify the proper party before discussing any account informationconsult with debtors regarding their payment options.

Health Care Accounts

We specialize in servicing the accounts of medium-sized to large corporations and health care concerns. We have served hospitals, nursing homes, personal care facilities, medical groups, physician practices and other health care entities. Our attorneys are well-versed in federal and state health care and insurance laws. We acutely understand the mechanisms needed to recover monies owed from insurance companies and other payers. Through substantial familiarity with ERISA and HIPAA, we are able to structure the most effective recovery system for your billing, invoicing, and legal needs.

Our Fees

All of our clients enjoy the benefit of a contingency based fee ranging from 25%-50% depending on the type of claim. Fee based programs are available for any matter that involves litigation on complaints and or counterclaims. Any case that is not covered under a contingency or fee based program is subject to an hourly fee and all applicable court costs.